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Nano Vilnius

About us

Manual car wash. We offer the highest quality car cleaning services. We cover cars with Quartz Nano coating.

SiO2 is one of the strongest materials in the world. High percentage purity ensures the clearest glass layer film.

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Nano Vilnius

Cleaning procedures

Cleaning procedures

We offer a full range of professional cleaning procedures for your car, including washing, removing dust, dirt and grease from body surfaces, windows, wheels and other parts.

Quartz nano coating

Quartz nano coating

Application of quartz coating on the car body, which ensures long-term protection against scratches, UV rays, aggressive chemicals and maintains the shine of the body for a long time.

Car interior cleaning

Car interior cleaning

Our service includes deep cleaning and cleaning of all surfaces of the car interior: from dust, traces of use to the use of special means for the car interior.

Seat cleaning

Seat cleaning

We thoroughly clean your seats from stains, dust and other contaminants, so that the car interior regains a fresh and well-maintained look.

Preparing the car for sale

Preparing the car for sale

We will thoroughly prepare your car for sale, including deep cleaning, polishing and creating attractive photos so that your car catches the attention of potential buyers.

cleaning solutions

Quartz Nano

It is an innovative ceramic coating that allows your car to reach a new aesthetic and protective level.

It is a glass coating based on SiO2 (a unique compound of silicon and oxygen with a purity of 99.9%).

SiO2 is one of the strongest materials in the world. The high percentage purity ensures the clearest glass layer film.


Nano Coating

Quartz Nano - connects to the car's paint surface at the molecular level;

Combination of protection and shine, high level of durability and reflection;

Mirror effect deep, rich, reflective, glassy, with wonderful brilliance;

Hydrophobic properties repel water and pollutants;

Smooth surface is antistatic and easy to maintain;

50% higher resistance to mechanical scratches;

Corrosion protection;

Resistance to environmental factors (UV, acids, salts, etc.);

Can be used on a matte surface;

110° angle of contact with water;

Protection against extreme temperature differences;

Lasts 18-24 months on the surface

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